Pak PWD owes its system of operation since pre-independence day.

The functions of Pak. PWD are:

  1. Acquisition and development of Federal Government lands.
  2. Maintenance of all federally owned Government Building and their furnishing except those financed from Defence budget.
  3. Construction of federally financed Government Offices and residential accommodation.
  4. Management of Federal Lodges.
  5. To act as technical adviser to Federal Government in Engineering matters.

The Pak PWD Operates through:

  1. Public Sector Development Programme.
  2. Deposit Works
  3. Maintenance

The Aim of Pak. PWD is to achieve excellence in execution and maintenance of Federally financed Government owned offices and residential accommodation.

The objective of Pak. PWD are to execute the offices and residential accommodation for federal Government employee and to overcome the backlog of millions of square foot of office space and housing units being presently accommodated in hired office space and privately owned residences within budgetary provisions of Federal Government.

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